Motherhood is overwhelming…

Motherhood is wonderful, beautiful and overwhelming.

 Hear me out, I love being a mom. My kids are my world, but they take a toll on my brain and body sometimes. You bring home your tiny baby and they are your whole world! They make you feel like the Grinch who’s heart grew three sizes bigger. The first few nights home you know they are getting used to being outside the womb, so they need time to adjust. Then one night they can’t be consoled by anything.

Your thinking:

  • where did this demon come from?
  • What did i do wrong?
  • The answer is?…. Nothing. You did nothing wrong, babies cry for all different reasons. This faze of unconsolable crying doesn’t last forever. As your little one gets older, they start walking, talking and testing their limits. They learn by trial and error. At times it may seem like they enjoy pushing every button. Children need boundaries to keep them safe but not to limit their learning. 

When your children are at your wits end, take a few minutes to yourself. Its ok to take time for yourself and your sanity. The overwhelming feeling in motherhood will get better, eventually you won’t feel like you need a break as often. Its important to remember that every single mother feels this.


Take time for you, spend time with a friend often.

Take time for you! Take care of yourself! Call on your “village” when you need them! If you would like to discuss preparing for motherhood before your little one is born please contact The Nurturing Doula, LLC for more information.

~ Katy Schmidt                                                                                                                                  The Nurturing Doula, LLC                                                                                                              805-791-8325                                                                                                         www.thenurturingdoula.com


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