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Im sure you’ve read my blog post about effective birth plans, but in case you haven’t go check it out. I have worked with many families on their birth plans, Its actually one of my favorite things to help them with. Birth plans help you visualize how you wish your labor and delivery to happen. At the Nurturing Doula we believe Birth Plans are very important even if they aren’t written down. You see making a plan with your birth team helps your labor, delivery and postpartum. When you sit down and learn all of your options for anything that can happen you are making an educated choice for you and your baby.

To receive your own custom visual birth plan and welcome baby door hanger email The Nurturing Doula with:                                                                                                                                                                              -Birth plan selections                                                                                                                            -Theme for your Welcome baby door hanger                                                                                    -Last Name for the Birth plan                                                                                                              -Baby’s name for the Welcome door hanger                                                                                     -Address for mailing you the door hanger

Lastly once your order is in, The Nurturing will send you and invoice from PayPal, Send Payment to The Nurturing Doula, LLC

your $20 payment

Your Birth Plan Door hanger will be Laminated and Mailed to you.

Need help with your options?

Contact The Nurturing Doula to set up your Birth Plan Class

If there is an option I’ve left off please let me know and I can add it.

Have a great day, Happy Birthing!

~Katy Schmidt

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