Meet The Nurturing Doula


Hello! My name is Katy Schmidt. I am a wife to a Marine Veteran, a mother to two children, and two furry children. I am a birth doula, rebozo trained, a Child Birth Educator, and a Child Passenger Safety Technician.

I have been a birth doula for 4 years. My biggest passion in my doula work is helping parents connect before their birth. Helping them grow as a couple before bringing a new life into their world. Studies have shown, having a doula can increase the bond between partners. I am Rebozo trained, which helps me teach expecting parents comfort measures for labor using a rebozo. In 2017 my doula business grew to include Child Birth Education, I became a certified Child Birth Educator with Prodoula.

Ever since my oldest was a baby, I have been passionate about car seat safety.  In 2016 my passion turned into a reality, I became a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). I attend classes, seat checks and teach classes year round to keep up with the ever changing world of car seats.

When I first meet a potential client, I listen. I listen to their wants, their needs, their hopes, their wishes and even take note of what they might not be saying or avoiding. There are times during birth where birthing women need time to just be with their loved ones going with the motions of birth. Sometimes I’m needed for direct hands on comfort measures and other times simply a voice to comfort and calm your nerves. Im often told, “you new I wanted “x” before my significant other did”. I did this by listening. Birth is such a raw and beautiful moment, my job isn’t always suggesting and using hands on comfort measures. A good portion of my work is paying attention and listening, even if something isn’t spoken.

After the birth of your child, you may feel you have unanswered questions or new questions. You may want or need support with breastfeeding or sleep. Many parents need a safe space or person, to go to for nonjudgmental support. As a Nurturing Doula’s client you can count on 100% nonjudgmental support and care for you and your family. After all it has been said many times “It takes a village to raise a child”.

~Ask me for strength and I will lend you my hand but also my heart♥~
Katy Schmidt
The Nurturing Doula,LLC

Servicing the following cities:











And surrounding areas up to 75 miles

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