ST Testimonial

Katy assisted me in the birth of my second child. When interviewing her, she was very knowledgeable in relaxation techniques and comfort measures we could use during the birthing process. She was always available by phone or text. If she missed a call, she called me right back. I must have went to Labor and Delivery Triage about 5 times before I actually delivered and she came with me every time. Her bag was always packed and she was always prepared for me to go into labor.  During the last doctor’s appointments  leading up to my birth, she attended those as well. She provided tremendous emotional support as my husband was deployed for my last trimester and birth. I was in active labor for 31 hours. I decided to have a non-medicated labor and she supported my decision entirely. I admired her dedication to me. She didn’t leave the hospital until she felt I was okay. If you want someone who is truly rooting for you and will do all they can to help you have the best birth you can, Katy Schmidt is the way to go. Not only was she a amazing doula, but she has become a special friend.