CB Testimonial

I had the pleasure of having Katy Schmidt act as my Duala for the birth of my daughter in December of 2014. Katy worked with both my husband and I to prepare us for having our first baby. She had many teaching tools to help us to become more informed on having a baby and the actual birthing process. I felt very well educated on all of my options for labor and felt complete suport from Katy for the birthing plan I wished to follow. While at the hospital Katy really was there for both me and my husband and really helped to support us as a couple. She was fabulous during labor and helped remind me of different ways to deal with the pain. Katy has continued to be great Postpardum with calling and texting me to make sure I am adjusting well to new motherhood. I would recomend her to any one to use for a duala as she is a very caring and knowledgable duala.