Why should you consider hiring a doula? 

You may be thinking wait what ? What’s a doula?

A doula, is someone who helps you navigate through pregnancy, labor, delivery, birth and parenthood. She can provide comfort measures to the laboring mom, give suggestions on positioning during pushing,  and provide information on any pregnancy, labor or parenting subject to moms and dads for them to make their own informed decision. Doula’s do not give medical advise or perform any medical tasks.

Ask me how to have your best birth, is my motto. When moms or dads ask I respond with first, a goofy “Hire a doula!” but in reality its not for everyone. I understand that!

So how can you have your best birth?  Research your options, hire a doula if you choose, remember it’s never too late to discuss options, and remember you can and have a right to say no.

Hire a doula

Why consider hiring a doula?

A doula is many things

  • She is your confidant when you doubt yourself
  • She’s your cheerleader
  • She’s your spouses cheerleader
  • I love being able to guide a spouse into where the laboring mom needs him or her, this helps meet both of your needs
  • She’s your google when you don’t want opinions you want facts
  • She’s your shoulder to cry on when your unsure of your parenting or feeding or why won’t baby sleep
  • She can be your sanity when your baby won’t stop crying or won’t sleep
  • She can become a great friend
  • No birth is better than the rest.
  • No mom is better than the rest.
  • We’re all doing what we can, when it comes at us.
  • A doula can help get you on the easier track to Labor, birth and parenthood.
  • She provides non judgmental support, reassurance your heading in the right direction.
  • She can be your sounding board when you need to make a decision
  • She can provide and teach comfort measures while your in labor

Having a doula is know to reduce the following:

  • intenseness of pain
  • time your in labor
  • cesarean rates
  • induction rates
  • postpartum depression
  • stress and anxiety
  • epidural requests

And to increase the following:

  • satisfaction of birth outcome
  • the bond between mother and baby
  • the bond between mother and partner

A Doula is for all moms

  • vaginal birth
  • cesarean
  • no pain medication
  • epidural
  • hospital birth
  • home birth


Hardwork-001As a doula it is my job to help you find your way to labor, birth and parenting. After all they say it takes a village to raise a child! The same goes for pregnancy and birth. Think of a doula like pregnancy and baby navigation. Pregnancy, birth and parenting can be magical, beautiful and easy. It also can be and is, HARD work. It can take a toll on us mentally and physically.

Having a doula can ease those uncertain, doubtful and stressful times.

Sometimes moms and dads need me to provide comfort measures for most of the birth. Sometimes they only need me for suggestions or even just for moral support before the birth. What ever your pregnancy need I’ll be there rooting you on!

I hope you have an amazing pregnancy, labor and birth. Your going to be an amazing parent! You got this!

For further information on hiring a doula or to schedule your complementary consult please contact:

The Nurturing Doula, LLC

Katy Schmidt