NG Testimonial

For my second pregnancy I won Katy at a school event. Hehehe. Tho I had done a live birth once before (7 years ago), I had also had two miscarriages. Which put me under high rick. With the support we got from Katy as a doula and an amazing friend there was little to worry about. She explained different things I could do to keep stress down, always made sure to check on us if she hadnt heard/seen us for a few days. Took time out to make sure our son was comfortable and understood what was going on, even made sure he knew just because we was haven a baby he wasnt being replaced. Never did he think he would be forgot about thanks to Katy’s added support.  I ended up having to be induced and Katy was there every step. She made sure we got treated good by the nurses by bring in goodies. Which they LOVED her for. When it went from simple contractions to OMG contractions she was right by out side making sure I knew I could do it. (btw my first I had drugs, this time was nothing but the iv drug that did nothing) She was there helping with the back labor, and when it came to pushing. I can honestly say I dont think I would have been able to do it this way without Katy’s amazing support!! She was not only my doula but has become a great friend I charish deeply!!