Last Precious Weeks….

Those last weeks of your pregnancy are very important for your babies development.

Those last weeks are also very trying on your body and mind.

You could have trouble sleeping or trouble staying off the toilet from having a baby who is lower than it has been your entire pregnancy. Braxton hicks contractions could be making you wonder is this the real deal or not? Those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions are preparing you for labor and delivery. Take them as a chance to practice your breathing. Take a big deep breath when it starts and breath normally throughout the contraction then a deep breath at the end.

Those last weeks help your babies brain, lungs and liver get the time they need to develop.

March of Dimes says “Babies left to gain more weight have an easier time regulating their temperature”.

Some things to help occupy your mind are:
  • Pamper yourself
  • rest
  • catch up on your favorite show
  • prepare a basket of necessities for when you are feeding your little one
  • prepare your hospital bag
  • have one on one time with your significant other

Of course there are times when waiting it out, is not an option.

Sometimes health issues arise in Mother or baby. If those times arise remember to breath and look to your birth team for support. You got this!

Remember these last weeks may be rough but your baby and body know when it’s time. Remember to breath through those contractions. You can handle anything! You are strong! And it’s never too late to hire your birth doula.

– The Nurturing Doula, LLC

Katy Schmidt


♥Nurturing families through pregnancy, birth and parenthood♥

March of Dimes-

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