Bringing Home Baby?


The day you bring your baby home is a special day. No matter if its your first or your fifth. Preparing to bring your baby home doesn’t start the day your leave the hospital.

Start preparing around 30 weeks.

Some questions you need to ask your self and your partner:

  1. Where will baby sleep?
  2. When will you shower?
  3. If you are nursing where will  ou nurse? Do you want to set up a special area with anything and everything you may need?  Including water, snacks, nursing pads, and a burp rag. Some other items you may want to include in this area would be a nursing pillow, a book, a tablet or laptop, your phone, and the remote for the tv. This list is not all of the necessities.
  4. If you are bottle feeding do you have your bottles washed and sterilized? ready to feed? Have you bought formula?
  5. Did you buy your carseat? Is it installed? If you are unsure about your install contact your local CPST (Child Passenger Safety Technician) or CPSI (Child Passenger Safety Instructor                                                                                                     (for information regarding used car seats contact your local CPST or CPSI)
  6. Who will do the cooking when you arrive home? You can look up freezer meals on Pinterest for examples of make ahead meals
  7. Who will clean?
  8. Who will do the laundry?

I find the easiest way to remember all of this is by making a chart.

You and I know there will be plenty of people coming over to see the baby.

Have your chart up on your fridge when someone asks if they can do anything to help you can refer them to your chart. Take time creating the chart and talking with your partner about it.

All of this helps make your postpartum life run more smoothly.

I hope this post helps you prepare for your new bundle of joy! I hope you have a wonderful birth.

Please leave me a comment on how you prepared to bring your little one home. The Nurturing Doula’s Child Birth Education classcan be anything you need it to be to prepare wether its just labor and birth or if you need help preparing your home to bring home a baby.

-Katy Schmidt

The Nurturing Doula, LLC

Birth Doula and CPST


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