My doula beginning

My work as a doula began in 2013. My sister in law called me and asked if I could go sit with a friend who thought she was in labor. I said of course. As soon as i arrived she looked a little reassured but also sorry. I asked her how her contractions were she said the were a little rough but she could handle it. Lets sit down and try not to think about them, I said. She grabbed my hand as a contraction hit her like a brick. as the contraction subsided she said I’m sorry my hands are so sweaty and I squeezed your hand so tight. It didn’t hurt and your sweaty hands aren’t bothering me either, your in early labor, I’ve  been there too. It’s going to be ok and I’m right here. This went on for another couple hours. Her husband was on her way home so she sent me home, she said I’ll be ok he’ll be home soon. I left her house in this feeling of “this is what i need to be doing”! A few months later a friend of mine was pregnant and I asked her if she wanted me to be her doula. She knew she was going to need all the support she could get. So she said of course! Her birth was beautiful as are all births. however it most defininatly was my hardest. My first step in becoming a doula was attending a child birth course. I took my class on base, Marine Corps Camp Lajeune, the instructor was Jeanette a fellow doula. She introduced me to my second client. Shortly after I took my doula training. A few months after that was my second birth. This mom (shared with permission) labored for 32 hours and pushed for and hour. He was a 10 lb 13 oz sunny side up, baby boy. ST rocked her birth. She was a power house. I watched her labor, in a rocking chair, she would scrunch her face little and then relax. Late in labor she would fall asleep right after a contraction and wake up right when a new one came. This birth confirmed my passion so much I run the whole thing through my head before every birth. From then on I met with clients and drew up birth plans with them, practiced labor positions, talked about their fears and hopes and made sure the were comfortable with their birth team. Every birth is important. Every mom deserves to have a memorable experience. I try my hardest to give that to my moms. I hope you have a wonderful day.

~Katy Schmidt

The Nurturing Doula, LLC




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